Ittehad Chemicals Limited, one of Pakistan's front-line manufacturers of basic inorganic chemicals has come a long way. The Factory, commissioned in 1964 started off production with an initial installed capacity of 60 MT Caustic Soda and 54 MT/day of Chlorine. Rising demand facilitated the first expansion phase which was carried out in 1969 enhancing capacity to 90 MT/day of Caustic Soda and 81 MT/day of Chlorine. more


To be a sustainable and growth oriented Company who plays competitive role in industry and adds value to economy through excellence in technological advancement and quality products

The mission of Ittehad is to be:

  • A Company built on sound financial footings that achieves excellent operating results through efficiency and cost control

  • A Company that consistently benefits its stakeholders through enhanced quality and profitability

  • A Company that achieves a high level of customer care service by providing quality products and positive feedback


Ittehad Chemicals Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial chemicals that produces Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Bleaching Earth (Shaffaf), Sulphuric Acid Commercial and Zinc Sulphate which are consumed in Textile, Soap, Paper, Fertilizers, Power Generation, Metal, Vegetable Oil and Ghee, Agriculture, Beverages and host of other industries of the country.

Ittehad Chemicals Limited, previously known as United Chemicals, was established in 1964 by a private entrepreneurial group  more

Ittehad Chemicals Limited is committed to:

Produce Caustic Soda and allied products keeping in view the
  ▪ defined quality & specifications
  ▪ budgeted targets of Production.

Review the quality management system for its effectiveness & continual improvement at defined intervals through internal audits. more